Nical Imaging

Endorse Company
NICAL S.p.A., started in 1965, with the production of our first CCTV camera and black and white monitor for video surveillance systems. In subsequent years, the rapid development of systems that use an X-ray Image Intensifier I.I., brings the company's managment to invest in research and production of the first Vidicon cameras intefaced to this new fluoroscopic x-ray modality. These cameras increased video resolution while lowering patient x-ray dosage at the same time. The Seventies start with great success of the product line and Nical increasingly invests in research and development. Working with a leading Italian company in baggage control a new Film Safe system made its debut. The mid-seventies brings NICAL to expands its activities in the industrial sector with the design and manufacture of the products for broadcast television. TV studio color cameras and monitors, video mixers and telecine were furnished to all the major national and private TV networks. In 1975 Nical produced its first medical digital subtraction imaging device using our NXT high resolution tube camera.