Nex Medical s.a.s.

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About Us NEX MEDICAL was founded in 1998 as a Manufacturing Company with the aim to develop, manufacture and distribute Surgical Products for DISINFECTION with the highest contents of technolgy, innovation and quality. We at NEX MEDICAL are determined to develop and offer advanced surgical products of the utmost quality and effectiveness for the antisepsis of hand and skin of surgical personnel and patients. NEX MEDICAL production plant is provided with modern & innovative machinery and control equipments. The advanced and authomatized production processes are constantly upgraded in order to guarantee the highest levels of Quality. All products manufactured by NEX MEDICAL are compliant with the European Standards and Guidelines for the production of PMC/disinfectants/antiseptic solutions. Our Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2004. QUALITY We are dedicated to the delivery of high quality products in the disinfection business. Our practices and processes are designed to achieve quality results that meet the expectations of our customers. We have a great passion for Quality in everything we do. COMPETENCE Our core competences are a unique combination of human skills knowledge and technology that provides tangible value to the Company. We strive for continuous improvement in our performances & competences. INNOVATION At Nex Medical, our core mission is to innovate, develop and bring to market advanced and safe products. Innovation is a core value for our Company. BUSINESS AREAS We operate in three business areas: Skin & Hand disinfection, Medical Devices and Surfaces in the following market sectors: PUBLIC/PRIVATE HOSPITALS, PRIVATE CLINICS, NURSING HOMES, VETS, DENTAL. We care because disinfection cares!