The Neurocare™ 1000 4P/XP is an FDA registered 510K Neuromuscular Electronic Stimulator(NMES), registered in August 1993. At present we are marketing internationally.Because of new electronic technology, the Neurocare™ 1000 4P/XP is able to achieve more muscle recruitment via high voltage, with less patient discomfort because of lower amperage. Due to this combination, a new Treatment Program has been designed which is causing excitement in the medical community.Physicians and Practitioners using the Neurocare™ 1000 4P/XP and accompanying Treatment Program are quite excited about the results. Many claim this is a genuine breakthrough in the treatment of many disorders. The results disprove some long held theories, and has opened the door to some exciting new research in medicine, as well as answering the problems found when using previous modalities of this type. This is not intended to be an exhaustive presentation, however, it is intended as a general overview and introduction.