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NeoMedica brief presentation We are a manufacturer , and global supplier of medical devices for In Vitro diagnostics. Based in Europe , we implement highest standards in essential elements of our products - including manufacture, support in knowledge and effectiveness trough response time and good logistics. In a brand new factory, introduced in 2013 , diverse products are manufactured with unique purpose - to contribute to health around World. Product portfolio Presently, our product portfolio cover Hematology and Urine analysis. We manufacture: - dedicated hematology reagents for most of famous models of hematology analyzers, - own 3diff and 5diff automated hematology analyzers - urine test strips, - urine analyzers, - washing solutions, maintenance and system liquids for clinical cheimistry analyzers History NeoMedica was founded in year 2000. It's first steps towards production were made by developing variety of basic laboratory instruments. Today, NeoMedica has more than 70 employees, foreign offices and reference laboratory chain. Powered by high educated team, NeoMedica constantly develop and manufacture IVD medical devices of recognizable European quality managed trough implemented ISO 13485 standard, inside of state of art production plant, providing necessary education and support trough representatives and distributors worldwide. Growth In March 2013, NeoMedica officialy launched brand new factory, set up inside Technology park previously known as Electronics Industry of Nis. With modern production lines and important resources such as customs, logistics, certification and research, located under reach of our hand, we support our constaltly growing market by enriching product portfolio, shortening response time and taking care of accurate response to diverse market demands. As a result, since the beginning of 2013, our products are distributed in more then 30 countries worldwide. Worldwide presence NeoMedica acts as worldwide supplier of Medical devices trough network of appointed distributors. If you are a company interested to join our distributor network, we encourage you to contact us without hesitation.