Naton Medical Group Inc.

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Group introduction Naton Medical Group, established in 1996, is one of the leading Chinese orthopaedic organizations and is a global and innovative enterprise that aims to provide the best orthopaedic products and services to our patients. With the ongoing trust and support from all our patients and customers, Naton has been steadily growing for the past 17 years, and will continue to grow in the coming future. Naton initially started as a distributor of famous international orthopaedic brands in China. With a decade of focused investment, Naton has built a unique and effective sales network, both domestic and abroad. Naton currently has a sales team of over 900 clinical professional sales representatives. With a solid foundation of sales networks, Naton has been focusing on the investment in innovation, manufacturing and clinical applications of orthopaedic products since 2003. Since its establishment, Naton has succeeded in establishing and integrating an international orthopaedic research center,three manufacturing facilities of orthopaedic products and a specialized orthopaedic hospital. Naton Intl. Orthopaedic Research Center ● Analyzing and improving Naton’s manufacturing process ● Evaluating and implementing new manufacturing technology ● Designing and developing orthopaedic implants ● Evaluating and improving on orthopaedic implants and matching instruments