Nara Seiko INC.

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Company Profile Business fields: Design, Development and Manufacturing of precision metal parts in the following fields; Optical equipments Office equipments Medical devices Railroad and Aircraft parts High technological production capacities Accumulation of machining technology for Aluminum alloy : 45 years for Titanium alloy : 25 yearsAutomatic machining of parts of various sizes using compound lathe. Part size : 1 – 300 mm Dia. x max. 500 mm lengthMake good use of machining center for unattended operation and cost reduction. Part size : 300 mm height x 300 mm width x 400 mm lengthPossible of small-lot production High-precision and High-quality machining Manufacturing of high-precision and high-quality parts for medical devicesMating technology on the 1/1000mm scale for assembly of optical equipmentQuality assurance system based on long time experience with artificial joints and medical / optical equipments