Nanjing Xijian Information Technology Inc.

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About us Nanjing Xijian Information Technology Inc.Focus on the mobile health field, which is providing customerized and timely mobile health service. SnapECG is a user-friendly wearable product. Collecting real-time electrocardiogram by connecting to a smartphone or smart device, which helps transfer complex ECG waves to simple messages,make it popular and easy to understand. It also allows clients to connect to the doctor’s APP or web-client, and easily establish personal service relationship with specialists who will provide timely healthcare consulting. SnapECG has registration certificate for medcial device by CFDA , and awaiting for the CE approval. Take care of your health, starting from your heart. Our Team Company team included R&D, production and market parts,the founder has more than 20 years experience in the field of medical devices. Our team is composed of hardware engineers,software engineers,quality and regulatory engineers, production technology engineers, and market experts.Combined with the mobile Internet technology, the use of mobile medical wearable device for people's health!