MyCartis NV

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Collaborate to Innovate - MYCARTIS NV The big revolution in healthcare today is that we are finally realizing that we are all equal, but not identical, certainly not at a molecular level. MyCartis is convinced that the future of healthcare lies in personalization. Our goal is to deliver innovative solutions for fast and cost effective identification of a patient’s specific signature of biomarkers in order to make more personal health decisions and improve quality of life. On our road to validate biomarkers on a larger scale, our intention is to build a bridge between research and medical practice by developing broadly available multiplexed biomarker solutions through technology (Evalution™) and bio-assays. The ability to quantify different types of markers on a single platform will help producing more comprehensive and coherent multiplex data sets. MyCartis wants to help you to make your biomarkers a success. ‘Collaborate to Innovate’ is our motto and therefore we are looking forward to work with you and help you commercialize your products.