Muvu powered by Regenactiv Textile and garments technology as a Medical Device Mls Elebe 1992, S.L. is a business group focused on textile research and development who applies innovation into different lines of business. It has more than 20 years of experience within the sector. Its Sanitary Division classified as medical device ,MUVU ( , was founded to prevent the skin problems while at the same time protects and cares for your health by its garments. The use of the innovative textil technology Regenactiv keeps skin in good condition thanks to properties of its composition. It is an effective approach to the most common skin problems that affect a large number of people, such as: Prevention of Diabetic Foot Reduction and elimination of: Bacteria and fungi Foot odour Excessive perspiration Dermatitis Skin ulcers With continued investment in R&D&I , the different kinds of yarn used in Regenactiv ( interact and provide the active ingredients and excipients highly efficient in the prevention and treatment of pathologies cited above. Protection against bacteria and fungi Prevention of skin irritation Large absorption capacity Acceleration of the process of recovery from skin lesions Mls Elebe 1992,S.L. also applies its R&D in a high performance sporting line known as Lurbel ( ) , which develops different technologies that are applied to sportswear with unique features in the market. Mls and Muvu has been certified its quality with the certificates, CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 . Muvu's products has been classificated as a Medical Device Class: I