MPT Europe BV

Endorse Company
Introduction MPT Europe BV has a standard range of tooling, including bonding tools, balloon pleating and balloon folding, stent crimping equipment, radial force measurement equipment (hoop force) , marker band crimping tools and balloon measurement equipment including single wall measurement without contact. If needed the "standard" tooling can be adjusted and tuned to meet your needs. For more information browse the website, or contact us using the adjacent link. MPT Europe BV is a firm with over a decade experience in the development and production of tooling for the manufacturing of catheters. MPT Europe BV can help you solving your production problems by analyzing your process, giving you information and by making reliable and accurate tools and machines for your production process. The tools require a minimum of maintenance and service. Production down time will be minimized. This, and the the improved yield caused by the accurate operation of the tooling, will make using MPT Europe BV tooling economical very beneficial. MPT Europe BV has knowledge and experience with sophisticated vision systems. These vision systems can help you making a better product. They can also help you to minimize the risk of operator errors, f.e. by performing product checks.