MotilityCount ApS

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SwimCount - Sperm Quality Test The Danish company MotilityCount ApSwas founded in 2011 by entrepreneurs and scientists with many years of experience in IVF treatment. SwimCount is areliable sperm quality test, which men can carry out in their home in a discrete and simple way. With the help of the SwimCount test, men can obtain the certainty about their sperm quality after just 30 minutes without consulting a doctor or a fertility clinic first. The test hasbeen CE approved and is already on the market in Europe and Internationally. The SwimCount test has been in development for five years by Danish experts in infertility treatment andcan be used as a screening device enabling men with problems to seek help much faster. The male factor is a very common reason for infertility, and an early examination of the sperm can be very useful to get the couple into treatment as early as possible. SwimCount differs from all of the other sperm tests for home use available on the market because it not only measures the number of sperm cells pr. ml, but also assesses the quality of the sperm cells measured and based on their ability to swim which is the most predictive factor to acheive pregnancy.