Motekforce Link B.V.

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About us Who We Are In July 2014, the companies Motek Medical and Force Link merged. The new company, Motekforce Link, combines more than fifteen years of experience in high-quality rehabilitation technologies and real-time feedback, using virtual reality techniques. A first major milestone for Motekforce link was the announcement of the merger with DIH Technologies on April 20th of 2015. DIH is an international player and aspiring market leader in the field of Rehab & Sports Medicine and Intelligent Medication & Supply businesses, with passionate teams in San Diego, Soul, Hong Kong, Beijing and Amsterdam. Our Vision The ability to move freely without restraints is a prerequisite for every person to maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle. Current, as well as new, technologies will offer standards in measuring and improving human movement performance in order to enable this goal. Our Mission To contribute to the quality of life for every person by defining and setting standards for human movement performance, using our network of partners, our technology, and our drive to make a difference in this field. Strategy For Success To improve clinical rehabilitation, we offer products with standardized protocols for treatment of movement disorders. We use advanced technologies which enable new ways to study balance and locomotion disorders. Together with leading clinics and scientists, Motekforce Link develops user-friendly, innovative, rehabilitation technology products.