Ming Tai Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Constant force spring and power spring specialist Components for medical device are required hight quality, precise performance, durable lifecycle and full engineering support from its supplier. Ming Tai Industrial Co., has been dedicated to manufacturer steel strip spring since 1966. our production include Constant force spring, Constant torque spring, Power spring, Variable force/torque Spring, Spring- strip tubes. All products are ISO9001 certificated, and comply with RoHs. From initiate design phase to spring production process, Ming Tai Industrial Co. offer customers with exclusive support, and keeps in- house production to ensure stable quality and repid delivery, including siltting, Heat treatment, Edge trimming, and forming etc. Furthermore, MingTai stocks sufficient and variety raw material enable us to provide customer with prototyping and running mass production repidly. you qre welcome to take advantage of our full support to urn into your core complence.