Mind Media B.V.

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Company Profile Mind Media | Neuro and biofeedback systems Mind Media offers smart and versatile solutions for neurofeedback, biofeedback, and physiological monitoring. We empower professionals to assess and train human behavior and neurophysiology for improving health and performance. Our product line consists of neurofeedback and biofeedback systems which can measure, analyze and feed back human neurophysiology covering applications for professionals in the field of healthcare, sports, research, and science. Ever since it’s foundation (1992), Mind Media has been a pioneer in creating leading edge products for biofeedback and neurofeedback. Our wireless solutions can measure a wide variety of modalities simultaneously such as EEG, EMG, EOG, ECG, HRV, BVP, SC/GSR, SpO2, SCP, respiration, temperature, and more. Our products and services are distributed through a network of exclusive resellers. We are still looking for exclusive distribution partners worldwide.