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MIM INTERNATIONAL PROFILE MIM International is dedicated in the designing, development and manufacture of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) parts for Medical, Dental, Arms & Ammunitions, Automotive, Sports, Mobile phone components. We are specialists in high volume manufacturing of small, intricate MIM components, based on custom requirements from various industries. Today Metal Injection Molding (also called Metal Powder Injection Moulding) is used to support critical performance applications in a wide range of industries. MIM molding combines the design flexibility and precision of plastic moulding with the wide-spectrum material choice of powder metallurgy. MIM International, located in Kerala, India is an emerging global supplier of MIM parts. Our experienced, highly trained personnel and commitment to quality has made us a trusted partner and contract manufacturer of MIM components, for the most well known companies in the world. Important Achievements: In Dental field :We achieved and are proud to announce that SS powder was used to make single piece dental brackets alongwith tubes, bands etc. using MiM (Metal Injection Moulding)method,.. which from the usual two piece brazing of brackets was more stronger in bond strength and is being used in dental treatment. In Arms and Ammunition : Also it was a proud moment when we achieved the production of triggering parts of an firearm ammunition using MiM (Metal Injection Moulding) method.