Micrylium Laboratoris Inc.

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About Us Micrylium Laboratories, Inc.is a privately-owned, infection control productsmanufacturerestablishedin May of 1994. Ourname is derived from the 'Micro' in microbiologywith the addedending “ylium” to signify value. Laboratories is essential to the name as the company has a major research and analysis division. Ourhead office is located near Dufferin Street at Steeles Avenue area ofToronto. Our immediate neighbours include Sanofi-Aventis-Connaught Laboratories and York University; whilethe University of Toronto and the MARS Biotechnology Groupare a short rideaway by subway link. Our facility includes our administrative offices, our manufacturing division, the research & development department, and our warehouse. Micrylium operates as a fully compliant FDA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer. Education is a major focus and mission at Micrylium, and as such, we regularly provide quality continuing education lectures on such topicsas infection control, water & airquality, disease transmission, environmental & toxicity issues, just to name a few.