Company Profile About Us MicroDiscovery is a leading provider of high-quality software solutions for molecular biology research, personalized medicine and innovative diagnostics. The company has a high level of competence in the development of customized software.This ensures the implementing of regulatory directives of the Life Sciences and In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) industry. Services of biostatistical data analysis, planning and management of complex bioinformatics research projects are also available from MicroDiscovery. Proprietary software like CheckReport, GeneSpotter and Aluco have satisfied professionals due to its well-designed user friendly user interface and automation aligned to the future. For the emerging field of mobile health, MicroDiscovery developed the mo:Test system, an innovative, smartphone-based analysis system for lateral flow assays. This easy to use application is not only mobile, but provides a quantitatively reliable documentation of the test results. For more information about mo:Test, please study the product information.