Merry Walker Corp

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The Merry Walker Corporation is a nationally recognized durable medical equipment corporation. The Merry Walker Corporation designs, manufactures and distributes the finest, black tubular steel, and is rated among end users as the safest durable medical equipment produced in this country. The designs of all the Merry Walker Corporation product line reflect our main focus; that is, on the ambulation needs of the person who requires the service our products provide to them. The Merry Walker Corporation focuses on restoring the person to the highest level of functional mobility that is possible.The products that the Merry Walker Corporation produces may be purchased directly from this website. The product line is also available through distributors to nursing homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centers. All Merry Walker Corporation products are Medicare billable when used in an individual's home.Many of us take the simple act of walking for granted. When a person's walking ability becomes impaired through the normal aging process or with disease onset, the person then comes to realize how important walking is in maintaining their highest quality of life. When walking is returned to a person and maintained at the highest level possible, further disease involvement can be retarded. The Merry Walker Corporation strives to provide the medical assistive devices to assist people in the reaching the highest walking level possible.