Merete Medical Inc

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Merete Medical specializes in the development and manufacture of medical technology products used in orthopedics and bone surgery. Merete's comprehensive product portfolio includes implants and instruments for hip arthroplasty and revision surgery. Modular Implant Systems for the management of segmental bone defects and resections as well as for knee Fusion in irretrievably failed total knee arthroplasties. Additionally the Merete forefoot reconstructive product line offers a complete range of proven innovative implants for the correction of moderate and severe toe deformities as well as for foot bone fusion and fixation. With Merete's state-of-the-art R & D and production technology, our innovative implants are developed in close cooperation with surgeons from the idea to series production. Merete Medical is known for its long term innovative strength in research and development. In 2009 Merete was honored as one of the award winners of Germany's "Land of Ideas" competition in recognition of the company's development of EPICAL, a bioactive, calcium-rich surface for titanium implants.