MEDIPAC - Th.Kazantzidis S.A

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Investing in Innovation & High Quality Medipac SA was established on December 1987, headquarters in the Ind. Area of Kilkis. The exclusive aim of the company was the construction of fabrication unit for surgical sutures. Medipac was and still remains the unique productive unti in Greece dealing with this article. Since 1989, the company has concluded exclusive contracts for the disposal of its products in many important Hospitals in Greece. Today, Medipac SA, produces a wide and integrated line of surgical sutures and possesses a high percentage of the local market. The company covers also a satisfying part of the private sector market for health rendering of services of the country and recently it develops an important export activity, mainly in European Union countries. Medipac SA exporting in more than 40 countries worldwide and still searching/dealing for new markets. Recently Medipac SA presents a new product which is a non absorbable PTFE Membrane. For more informations please contact us or visit us in our booth.