Medigroup Inc

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Medigroup has always been a company exclusively dedicated to Peritoneal Dialysis. Because of our extensive experience with PD treatment and its associated products, we have first-hand knowledge of how to improve product design, how to design educational training opportunities, and what products and knowledge are critically important in the field.As a result of our unparalleled dedication to Peritoneal Dialysis, Medigroup's innovative medical products have improved the lives of patients and solved problems experienced by medical personnel. We only sell what we ourselves have designed, tested, and brought to renal professionals in direct response to needs expressed by physicians or nurses. Since our founding in 1979, as the first U.S. medical manufacturers' representative and distribution company selling arthroscopes and other orthopedic equipment, Medigroup has consistently been on the forefront of innovative medical techniques, procedures, and products.Our Passion: Serving the renal community with products and services tailored to their needs, Our Focus: Peritoneal Dialysis professionals – nurses, educators,nephrologists, and surgeons. Our Expertise: PD access devices, from the implantation procedure, to the catheter itself, to follow-up catheter care in the clinic.