Endorse Company
Medidenta's roots go back to 1944 when Medidenta Dental Supplies was founded by the Benton Family which imported quality dental products from Europe. The first office was on 56th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City and eventually moved to its present office in Woodside. The Medidenta product line started as an importer/distributor of innovative products such as Acrylic jacket crowns and pre fabricated posts and the product range continuously expanded from there. The most significant breakthrough came in 1969 when Medidenta introduced the Giromatic the first automated device for root canal therapy. During the 1970's Medidenta and an army of teaching dentists promoted automated endodontics to the American dentists via "Hands on" training seminars all across the USA. Throuout the years Medidenta continued to introduce significant product innovations that enhanced the quality of dentistry for both the patient and dental practitioner. Some of those innovations listed below have become the standard of care in dentistry.