Medicore Inc

Endorse Company
Since 1961, MediCore has been proud to manufacture and distribute medical products found in homes and medical facilities throughout the United States and abroad. At MediCore, our commitment is to provide first class customer service and quality products at reasonable prices.Our Medical Supply division was established early in our lifecycle and has served hospitals, blood centers, laboratories, and other medical facilities ever since. The MediCore Tube Stripper has been widely regarded as the premier Tube Stripper on the market since the early 1980's. With its ergonomic design, superior stripping ability, and cost effective price, there are simply no better products on the market.Our LiteTouch diabetic supply line has been a respected name in the home health industry for over 15 years. Our reputation is that of having very high quality at significantly lower prices than our competitors. We offer a full line of insulin syringes, pen needles, and twist lancets and our products can be found in pharmacies all across the country. If you don't see our products in your pharmacy, just ask.Despite the fact that MediCore has been around a long time, we continue to see ourselves a young, energetic, and agile company. We value our customers and committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our customers' experience is the best it can possibly be.