Medicon Hellas S.A.

Endorse Company
Medicon has the following activities : * R&D, production and export of diagnostic reagents * Manufacture of analytical systems * Re-manufacture / refurbishment of chemistry, immunochemistry analyzers and automation systems * Production of Medical and Laboratory Software * Distribution of in vitro diagnostics and automated analytical systems (SIEMENS-clinical chemistry, immunochemistry and lab automation, NIHON KOHDEN-hematology, NOVA BIOMEDICAL-blood gas, YD DIAGNOSTICS-urinalysis, CEPHEID-molecular microbiology) * Cosmetic and skin care products Our field of excellence is Immunoturbidic assays, where we have developed a large panel of tests based on cutting-edge technology, applicable on almost every chemistry analyzer and available for OEM sales. Medicon is EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified. All our diagnostics products are CE marked/FDA approved.