Medicfit Technology Sdn Bhd

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About Medicfit Medicfit Technology Sdn Bhd, located in Malaysia, is a manufacturer of Disposable Medical Devices. Our medical devices are widely used for various medical applications such as Circumcision, Anesthesia and Respiratory. Reputation and capability in our pursuance to achieve our goals and fulfilling our Mission. The company had started its global distribution journey since founded in 2006, we had now more than 83 distribution outlets in Malaysia and International marketing outlets. Our production volume had since increased and had exceeded more than 300% growth in last six years. We learnt to understandand embrace many universal healthcare challenges. We’re using our experience, extensive partnerships, and passion of our team to help transform Medicfit Technology Sdn Bhd by enhancing its products value and technology expertise to achieve customer satisfaction. Our Corporate identity is being certified and recognized by several International independent Assessment and Certification Body for its product reliability and performance. We are proud of our reputation and capability in our pursuance to achieveour goals and fulfilling our Mission.