MedicCleanAir, Division of Walsberghe nv

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Company Profile MedicCleanAir Mobile Air Purification + creation of isolation Rooms (negative or positive pressure within ½ day) 1/ Where needed: Operating rooms, ICU's, recovery Isolation for infectious people ( tuberculosis, sars, pox, flu, etc.) Isolation for ummune-compromised patients (HIV, oncology, etc.) Protection of patients against Aspergillosis (renovation works) 2/ When needed: To upgrade air quality when the usual ventilation systems do not perform as they should do. To introduce low-cost/high air quality in new buildings To avoid expensive renovation works. To immediately create isolation rooms during outbrakes (infectious diseases, aspergillosis, etc) 3/ How do we create infectious free areas : By means of HEPA and ULPA filtration 4/ Important technical details : Devices are compact, easy to transport, easy to install, only need electricity, low consumption, ... No maintenance, only filter change after 12-18 months and when necessary, can be done by usual staff (no training needed) 5/ What is eliminated : All airborne infectious agents, including gases and chemical compounds. Proof: about 15 different medical/scientific studies from Belgium, Germany, UK, Denmark, Iran, India, Italy,...