MedicalMountains AG

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Company Profile MedicalMountains The heart of Europe’s medical technology sector beats in the ›MedicalMountains‹ in Baden-Württemberg. Germany’s southwestern state, which encloses the Black Forest, the high plateau of the Swabian Alps and borders Lake Constance and the foothills of the Alps, is the country’s most important production center for medical devices. Baden-Württemberg’s MedTech-enterprises cover almost all needs of the markets, from high-quality micro-surgical instruments to diagnostics, endoscopy, electronic devices, and many more. These highly innovative companies cooperate with Germany’s most renowned research institutes to supply the markets continuously with new high-quality medical device products. MedicalMountains AG promotes innovation and international business activities for regional MedTechenterprises. The MedicalMountains Cluster Management offers a network that goes beyond the boundaries of the cluster structure of the region Tuttlingen / Neckar-Alb and strengthens the international competitiveness of domestic companies in the field of medical technology.