Medical Technology S.A. (WolfMedica Hellas)

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Company Profile Medical Technology SA WOLFMEDICA Hellas MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY S.A. is a leading manufacturer in design and production of medical equipment and furniture. With more than a decade worth of experience, in the rehabilitation field, we specialise in rehabilitation and medical treadmills. In all the years of our active presence in the market, we have been known for our creative thinking and solid engineering, values that we try to imbue in all of our products. During this time, we have managed to remain close to our customers and we have convinced them that high quality medical products can be reasonably priced. Our fully automated production line, utilising cutting edge technology in CNC milling and drilling and vacuum thermoforming, has a dynamic monthly output standard of 500 beds and 50 treadmills or 200 beds and 200 treadmills. Being a family owned company, our main concern is customer satisfaction. Our Quality Policy is applied to and focused on every product and service that is provided. Quality control, following the European Standards, is applied to all stages of production and concerns all people involved. Our management team is committed in delivering top quality products and services by implementing quality policies and setting goals. All employees at all levels of production share this commitment, in order to maximise customer satisfaction. We remain always faithful to our original goals and aspirations while at the same time we meet modern needs and wishes without sacrificing the level of quality our customers have come to expect from us. Since its founding WolfMedica has always been about ideals. We will continue to shelter these ideals and let you, our customer, enjoy the benefits.