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We Are Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD

A Visionary - Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD

Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD’s ( manufacturing facility sits on a 24,280 sq. m. land area in Johor’s fast growing Senai Industrial Area and is thesole manufacturing, research and development centre for premium quality condoms within the Beiersdorf Group – manufacturing excellence since 1987.

Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD manufactures the Beiersdorf condom brands such as DUO and HARMONY for the European and Latin American markets besides which it also produces its own in-house brand ESP (Enjoyable Safe Pleasure), to fulfill the global demands for the highest quality sexual healthcare and intimate care products.

International Standards - Global Acceptance - Leading the way through Standards

Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD prides itself on adhering to the highest regulatory standards in its manufacturing and in the marketing of its products in new and innovative ways.

With condoms that are manufactured to meet international standards, Medical-Latex (DUA) SDN BHD and its facilities are already certified to standards like the EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485; and the Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (Annexe II, Section 3) by the German notified body DEKRA aside several other national body certifications/marks.

Premium Latex Condoms - Internationally Recognised Quality

We are constantly innovating, researching and developing consumer focused product lines to join our global stable of popular offerings.

New flavours, shapes, designs and packaging are just some of the commitments we have made over the years to ensure that our products meet every unique demand from our consumers.

The finished products are designed for maximum enjoyment and safety, two key ingredients for our ever growing popularity amongst both private label brands’ customers as well as consumers who purchase our own branded product lines.

Designed with different global markets in mind, our products also adhere to local community demands and sensitivities to ensure that they are as accepted as they are appreciated.

With our continuous focus on research and development, we are confident that we will continue growing from strength to strength as we introduce ever more exciting new products globally.

The environment

As an environmentally-conscious organization, we are indeed proud to be one of the first condom manufacturers in Malaysia to initiate an advanced waste water treatment plant.

This landmark initiative demonstrates our social responsibility to the nation, her people, the environment and GAIA (mother earth).

This is just the beginning as we continue to explore new ways to collaborate with local initiatives like supporting recycling of material efforts and the implementation of greater enhancements within our manufacturing processes.