Medical Innovation Ventures Sdn Bhd

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ABOUT US Medical Innovation Ventures (MedivenTM) is a Malaysia-based diagnostics company dedicated to the development of tools that will facilitate early and fast detection of pathogens, genetic disorders, and other diseases. We focus particularly on the infectious diseases that are prevalent in developing countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.We collaborate closely with scientists and researchers from both local and overseas in order to create innovative solutions for medical diagnostic sector. Technology MedivenTM’s diagnostic products are based on its patent-pending PCR platform. Currently, we offer products targeting various infectious diseases including tuberculosis, cholera, VRSA, and MRSA. Our tools help physicians to adopt the best possible treatment strategy during the most critical early stages of an infection. Typically, healthcare providers are compelled to start treatments based on initial symptoms and qualitative results in order to avoid consequences of delayed treatments. More often, these treatments turn out to be unnecessary and toxic, creating undesirable outcomes. Rapid test kits and molecular diagnostic products offered by MedivenTM cut short the waiting period of confirmatory diagnosis from days or weeks (based on conventional culture methods) to a few hours. Vision Empowering healthcare providers with better disease diagnostics tools. Mission Our mission is to develop and deliver science from the laboratory to those who need them most. We focus on providing advanced tools to neglected communities and populations in developing countries. Values Knowledgeable: Our scientific experts possess in-depth know-how, knowledge and experience to develop diagnostics solutions. Our business experts have the market knowledge and insights to develop and provide access to these tests to those who need them most. It is the combination of these, which make us a successful provider of diagnostics solutions in developing nations. Innovative: We are innovative in working with our partners to improve and add value to their projects and with our customers to provide the best access possible to the diagnostics solutions they need. Well-networked: We partner and collaborate with different disciplines and different parties to achieve excellence in terms of science and market access. Responsible: Instituting best practices, looking after the community and our conservation works are central to our efforts of being a responsible company.