Medical Imaging Resources Inc

Endorse Company
Since 1990 Medical Imaging Resources (MIR) has been a leader in the field of pre-owned Imaging system solutions and mobile medical imaging. Medical Imaging Resources is an engineering based technical services company that offers all diagnostic Imaging modalities (MRI, CT, Cath/Angio, PET, PET/CT, Nuclear/SPECT, R/F, Ultrasound, C-arms and Women's Health Imaging Systems) and all Original Equipment Manufacturing companies which include Philips, GE, Siemens, and Toshiba. Our experience and success in the mobile medical imaging industry has earned us preferred status with many of the Manufacturer's. Medical Imaging Resources offers high quality reconditioned imaging systems at reasonable prices while specializing in customer specific solutions that include site planning, de- installation, construction, delivery, installation and comprehensive system support services. Our common goal is helping our customers choose the appropriate equipment to ensure complete customer satisfaction throughout the entire project.