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Medical Biomat M edical G roup C orpis dedicated to the orthopaedic field since 25 years. M edical B iomat, one of subsdiaries ofM edical G roup C orp,is a Manufacturer having a full range of activities from forging, machining, coating, packaging, to microbiological and physical analysis. We manufacture our own raw materials (Hydroxyapatite and Titanium powder) and manufacture and develop biomaterials such as: Synthetic Bone Substitutes (with Gentamicine) PLLA Interference Screws and ACL fixation devices Gelatine cement restrictors and Synthetic biodegradable cement restrictors Osteoconductive, haemostatic, absorbable matrix Collagen Membranes. M edical G roup C orp is: Independently owned. ISO 13485 certified. Present in more than 35 countries. Known by its outstanding service and high quality standards.