Medical Data Systems

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MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS has always seen its role as a supportive member of the NICU team of physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, as they care for premature babies and a wide variety of critically ill newborns.By working closely with this team, MDS has created systems that minimize the time and effort of data capture, yet maximizes the type and depth of clinical reports for the patient's hospital record. MDS has also upheld, as a high priority, the ability to have user-defined analytical functions that contribute to the care of each patient, as well as contributing to quality improvement and patient safety for all of the infants cared for in the hospital's NICU.StandardsThe Medical Data Systems (MDS) meets the objectives for patient record systems of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) including:Support patient care and improve its qualityEnhance the productivity of healthcare professionals and reduce administrative costsSupport clinical and health services researchAccommodate future developments in health care technology, policy management, and financeMechanisms in place to ensure patient data confidentialityThe NIS™ is HL7 compatible and HIPAA compliant. MDS has years of experience in aggregating patient data from multiple NICU's with maintenance of complete patient and institutional confidentiality.