Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products Inc

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Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products is a global healthcare company dedicated to providing innovations in pain prevention. We serve podiatrists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, other healthcare professionals, athletes and individuals in more than 70 countries world-wide.Our commitment is first and foremost to the efficacy of the products we offer. Each new product undergoes rigorous in-house testing and extensive evaluation by the most demanding healthcare professionals to ensure that they offer the highest quality of pain prevention available. But most importantly, we design them to make sure that you'll notice the difference immediately.Medi-Dyne's contributions to the healthcare market include over sixty patented foot care, blister care, stretching and strengthening innovations. Medi-Dyne's broad range of products for foot care, stretching, strengthening, and skin care are marketed under brand names such as Tuli's, TuliGEL™, Cheetahs, Gaitors, ProStretch Plus™, StretchRite, StepStretch™, CoreStretch™, Skin-On-Skin and SoftMoves™.