MedEvolve Inc

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MedEvolve LLC provides solutions for the needs of your medical business.We offer a full range of highly evolved application software, interoperability interfaces, and revenue management services focused on practice profitability and efficiency. In addition to integrated PM and EHR modules, MedEvolve has seamless integration with laboratory, non-proprietary EHR, and patient portal systems.MedEvolve provides a full range of EHR capabilities. Our EHR can be configured as a simple, fast data capture application replacing your paper encounter form. It can also be deployed with robust content, specific for your medical specialty and your unique professional needs. MedEvolve can provide the hardware needed to install your system as a client/server configuration located at your practice. As an alternative, MedEvolve can also deploy our software as a subscription service (ASP/SaaS/Cloud), relieving your practice of the risk and expense of complying with many of the HIPAA and HITECH security and privacy provisions.`