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Energist Group designs, manufactures and markets lasers and light-based systems for hair removal and aesthetic skin treatments, serving both the medical and beauty sectors. With over 8000 systems currently in the market world-wide, Energist Group operates in over 70 countries through a highly trained network of distributors, and direct sales operations. The company is widely seen as one of the leading players in the industry.Energist Ltd, based in Swansea, South Wales, UK was founded in 1999. Initially privately owned until 2003 when Excalibur (formerly Merlin Biosciences), a Private Equity vehicle which supports fast growing SMEs in the Aesthetic and life sciences sector, bought a stake in the business. In December 2007, Excalibur moved to acquire the whole company. In 2008 the company opened its Energist North America office just outside New York, USA.Energist Group, founded in 2009 comprises Energist Ltd, Energist North America and MedArt A/S. Much of the Energist Group business is International, with strong markets in Europe, America, Asia and the Pacific region.