Medanets OY

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Medanets in a nutshell We are developing and providing mHealth solutions for healthcare professionals to optimize care processes and improve patient security. Our solutions; Medanets ABS Wireless Filing: Nursing staff can record, save, and browse the results of patient measurements and medication all this bedside using smartphone, tablet or PDA device. Medanets ABS Automatic Filing: Solution enables the automatic transfer of measurements and readings from patient monitoring systems all the way to the hospital information system through Medanets ABS platform server. Existing integrations e.g. to Philips, GE and Mindray patient monitoring systems. Medanets ABS Wristband Management: Easy patient wristband management solution integrated into the hospital information system. 13 out of 20 healthcare regions in Finland are our customers and our solutions are integrated to all main hospital information systems in Finland. See our use case video: Downloads: Medanets in a nutshell Slider_052015.pdf