MEC - Medical Electronic Construction R&D

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About Us MEC is dynamic family company founded in 1980 by Robert Moens. MEC group is organized into three departements: MEC R&D sprl : The main specialization laid in development of cardio-pulmonary function measurement systems for pneumology MEC sprl : Distribution of cardio-respiratory products. MEC & Log S.A.: Medical equipments Import/Export logistical company This decentralized business structure helps to ensure that the MEC’s resources are channeled to efficiently meet specific market needs. Each departement also has a comprehensive understanding of their markets—from present day healthcare business challenges to future opportunities for emerging technologies and exploration beyond traditional respiratory markets. Within each departements, there are three separate business units each with a specific mission to either broaden and expand existing business strongholds, or advance new and emerging markets. After more than 30 years, MEC made his name in Pneumology, Non-Invasive Ventilation and also Gastro-Enterology The MEC’s success spans more than three decades and can be traced to a history deeply rooted in ingenuity and a passion to deliver solutions to those in need. This tradition of innovation, combined with an ability to anticipate market needs, is fundamental to the Company.