Matrix Surgical USA Corp.

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About Us Matrix Surgical USA is a privately owned American company dedicated to the design, production, marketing and distribution of biocompatible craniofacial implants under the OMNIPORE® brand. Matrix Surgical USA offers its products to health care providers in the United States and through a global network of stocking distributors in more than 60 countries around the world. Founded in 2011, Matrix Surgical USA was created with the following guiding principles in mind: To design, develop, and introduce state-of-the-art products for ocular-facial surgery that exceed customer expectations and recognized industry standards for quality and performance, and the requirements of Regulatory bodies from around the world. To recognize that our products and services play an important role in the Health Care Practitioner’s ability to diagnosis and treat acquired (traumatic) or congenital diseases; hence, we are mindful of our responsibility to educate HCP’s in the proper selection and use of our products that help them achieve the best possible outcome for their patients. To foster a culture that incentivizes and rewards our associates for their dedication, hard work, ingenuity, passion, teamwork, honesty and integrity, and belief that what we do every day makes a difference in somebody’s life somewhere in the world. To be good corporate citizens by actively serving the best interests of the communities where we live and work as well as providing support to humanitarian organizations engaged in delivering vital health care services around the world. Management John O’Shaughnessy, MBA Mr. O’Shaughnessy has over 23 years of global business experience in the consumer electronics and medical devices sectors. He has held leadership positions with increasing responsibility with Porex Surgical, Inc for more than 12 years and with Stryker CMF for one year. He is the founding partner of Matrix Surgical USA.Matrix Surgical USA Founder, President & CEO (2011)Former Vice President of International Marketing & Sales for Stryker CMF (2010-2011)Former Vice President of International Marketing & Sales for Porex Surgical, Inc. (2007 – 2010)Former Managing Director of Porex Surgical GmbH (2003-2010), a wholly owned subsidiary of Porex Surgical, Inc based in Munich, Germany.International Marketing & Sales Manager for Porex Surgical, Inc (1998-2003)