Maple Craft USA

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At Maple Craft USA, we date our beginning back to the business philosophy of our grandfathers, William Kaufer and Lyle Tucker. Both men embodied a strong work ethic. Bill spent 40+ years as a mechanic on the Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad. Lyle poured his heart into what used to be known as the general store called Tucker's Hardware. These men were self taught, depression wise, and heart felt servants of the Lord, being salt and light to the small rural community of Albion, Pennsylvania.In 1959, Dave and Shirley Kaufer, married and decided to settle in the town of their birth. They bought a failing propane/bottled gas and gas appliance business. Shortly after, Dave was called into active duty during the Berlin Wall crisis. Shirley was thrust into service on the home front learning how to run the new business while Dave was away.