MacBick Sales and Service

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MacBick has become hospitals' one stop for your hospital cart needs. We offer a full line of medication carts (over 100 styles), emergency carts, transfer carts, and decentralized pharmacy carts. But this is not all MacBick offers; MacBick manufactures a complete line of pharmacy casework, medication cart accessories, and our new decentralized nursing station. Manufacturing is performed in our modern Burlington, New Jersey 89,000 square foot facility. Though we are based in New Jersey, MacBick representatives are located throughout the United States, Canada, and international markets. MacBick and its representatives stress the importance of service, and a 100% customer satisfaction goal is what we are continuously striving for. One service that is attractive to our customers is our four to six week lead-time. If a purchase is needed in a faster time span, MacBick is up to the challenge to meet your needs. Another service that MacBick offers is our free evaluation cart orders. You do not buy a car without taking it out for a spin, so why would you buy a cart from a piece of sales literature. MacBick allows you to trial your desired cart for 30 days free of charge in insure your decision.