M W Mooney & Co Inc

Endorse Company
The GEM Ring Cutting System™ is used to remove constricting rings or bands, of any material, which have created a tourniquet syndrome of an appendage, most commonly of the fingers. The system uses a specifically engineered drive unit, coupled with two, distinctly different types of discs to abrade the ring or band one layer of material after another. For safety, the drive unit rotates the disc at relatively slow speed and low torque and is designed to stop if excessive downward pressure is applied; in fact, The Lighter Your Touch, the Faster GEM Cuts.A unique feature of the system is the thin, very flexible finger guard. The guard is inserted between the skin and the constricting ring or band and acts as both a track for the disc and as protection. The finger guard can be bent, even into a "U" shape to allow it to be inserted under an embedded constriction.