M.TECH Co., Ltd.

Endorse Company
M.TECH Co., Ltd. M.TECH performs ultra precision compound processing by the newest CNC compound lathe. We are available from prototyping to mass production consistently. M.TECH dedicate to the precision machining of small cylindrical parts. (Material size:φ4.0 ~ 32.0mm) We have a processing technology that can be used to the miniaturization of medical equipment. This technology has been developed on the basis of the Japanese government support, M.TECH is located in the top in the field. It is a technology for cutting Thin-long parts with the NC lathe specifically. I decided to allow Φ0.08㎜ × L0.8㎜ in this technology in the titanium alloy material. We are taking charge of processing of important safety-related parts and high precision parts bearing for use in medical field. In M.TECH, it is managed in response to attestation of ISO 9001, and 13485 and 14001. Please see the page of a production for details.