M.I.Tech Co., Ltd.

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M.I.Tech M.I.Tech is a manufacturer of medical device, and one of the leading providers of non-vascular stents in the global market. Since 1991 M.I.Tech has been distributing self-expandable metal stents over 58 countries worldwide under the quality management standard, ISO 13485:2003, CE, FDA and ANVISA approval. Recently, We, M.I.Tech became a subsidiary company of Dong-A ST, on Apr. 1st, 2013, which is a top leading pharmaceutical company in Korea and now we are widely expanding the current business area with HIFU, Plasma and TENS 1. HanaroCare ReJu is a personal microwave stimulator that relieves the stiffen muscle and reduces the pain by delivering a specific rhythmic electric stimulation to the nerves and the muscles through electrode attached to the skin (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerver Stimulation) device. Electric current delivered to the nerves relieves the stiffen muscle and reduces the pain. With 4 stimulation modes and different safety functions depending on the situation, the device is easy to operate and simple to portable carry so that it can relieve the pain easily whenever and wherever. (CE acquired in July 2015) 2. LIPOEN HF 500 HIFU FAT REDUCTION SYSTEM FOR ESTHETIC TREATMENT This appliance is HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound) equipment for reducing fat and cellulite and this esthetic treatment is based on natural fat clearance process where triglycerides and cell debris from the destroyed fat cells. The ultrasound energy is radiated from radiating surface of detachable handpeice and the radiating surface is intended to directly be applied to human body. (CE acquired in January 2015)