Lodox Systems North America LLC

Endorse Company
Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd is responsible for worldwide sales, distribution and customer service support of this new innovation known as Statscan. Lodox Systems has establish a wholly owned subsidiary, Lodox NA LLC, for sales and customer support in the North America. Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd is responsible for research & development and manufacturing. Lodox is a venture capital backed private corporation registered in South Africa whose present principal equity partner is the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) It was realised that this technology had the potential to cause a revolution in the medical x-ray industry, and soon after the security break-through, the machine was adapted for medical purposes. At the time and even now, there is nothing similar to the Lodox scanner in the medical x-ray industry. The Lodox scanner is unique in its ability to provide a full-body x-ray image within minutes after a 13 second scan. The quality of the image is similar to the best x-ray quality available from conventional digital x-ray machines. However, it is unique in the sense that it can obtain a full body x-ray picture with only one scan by the machine, where conventional x-rays can only cover a single section of the body per scan. (One would normally need at least 6-10 conventional x-rays to cover the whole body.)