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Healthy Eyes is designed to maintain ocular health that may decline as a result of dietary deficiencies, aging, toxins, free radical exposure, stress, and sunlight.* The formula includes the antioxidants Alpha Lipoic Acid and Beta Carotene; Bilberry Extract, which contains bioflavonoids that support healthy histamine levels and helps remove materials from the retina; Eyebright, an herb that is used extensively for dry, irritated eyes, and eye strain; L-Glutathione and Lutein to help protect the lens from UV rays; Taurine, essential for maintaining the structural integrity of the retina; Quercetin and Rutin, antioxidants to support capillary strength; and Lycopene, a phytonutrient from tomatoes with antioxidant properties.Optimum by Lobob contact lens care solutions, when used as directed offer allergy-free ease of patient compliance in the domain of cleaning, disinfecting, storage, wetting, rewetting and in-the-eye lubrication for all hard and rigid gas permeable contact lenses (PMMA or RGP) of any polymeric structure.Optimum by Lobob contact lens solutions are preserved with purified Benzyl alcohol, or are preservative-free, ensuring clean and comfortable lenses throughout the wearing cycle. Optimum by Lobob contact lens solutions do not contain thimerosal, BAK, chlorhexidine or polyaminopropylbiguanide, to which many lens wearers are sensitive.