Livatek GmbH

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About us Livatek is a group of companies in Denmark and Germany offering software development services. Through a fully owned subsidiary, the company operates its own development center in Kyiv, Ukraine. We provide flexible and scalable access to development competence and capacity that are increasingly demanded by IT-based companies mainly in Scandinavia, Netherlands and Germany. We combine strong experience and expertise of global IT business and local resources to provide effective and cost-efficient development services. We are flexible and scalable in a way that in-house developers cannot be. Clients choose us because we are the company in the market that best reflects a Northern European style of management and doing business – always responsible and to-the-point. Competent MANAGEMENT and LEADERSHIP The management team consists of experienced professionals with proven track record in their respective fields of expertise, who are easy and proactive to work with. Our managers have an extensive experience serving clients through advice and professional support in various areas of service operation aiming at delivery of value. The functions include client support and operations, staff recruitment and human resource management, infrastructure and facilities management, and incident management among others. Our management team holds 50 years of combined experience delivering professional services to clients outside Ukraine and providing flexible and scalable access to development competence and capacity. The founder and owner of the group is Jesper Lindholt, an economist with more than 10 years’ experience living and working in Ukraine.