LIT Surgical

Endorse Company
Luminance Integrated Technologies™  is a medical device development, manufacturing and sales company innovating surgical illumination products for the surgical market. Through the application of protected platform technology, LIT™ has launched its first innovation, the ONE HeadLIghT™ system to improve the efficiency and outcome of surgical procedures.The ONE HeadLIghT device is a custom, high-intensity, head-mounted illumination system. It provides a superior light quality with an unprecedented level of comfort and freedom of movement. The surgical headlight technology is a disruptive, market-expanding product designed to meet both current and future surgical market demand, for untethered headlight systems.LIT was originally a regional surgical device distributor that filed for its first illumination patent in 2006. In 2007, with a business plan and well devised "back of the napkin" concept (backed by some new science) LIT converted to a corporation upon the close of its first funding, which took the form of convertible notes. The proceeds from LIT‘s first funding activities were principally used to develop proof of concept for a new way of delivering light to a surgical field. LIghT Surgical™ subsequently raised additional funds through the issuance of Series A Preferred Stock, the proceeds of which were principally used to move prototype to commercial product. In early 2009, "The ONE HeadLIghT " system was launched domestically.