Lin-Zhi International

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Lin-Zhi International Inc. located in Sunnyvale, California, is a biotech company specializing in diagnostic reagents. We are dedicated to the development of innovative and quality products for clinical diagnostics. Our ready to use single analyte homogenous enzyme immunoassay (EIA) for drug of abuse (DOA) testing in urine not only meets the highest quality of FDA standard but also provides extended shelf life.We are also excited to introduce our new homogenous EIA reagents for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes in urine. Our new 4-in-1 reagents of CAMP (Cocaine-Amphetamines-Morphine-Phencyclidine 4-in-1 assay) and BMBP (Ben-Methadone-Bar-Propoxyphene 4-in-1 assay) will make diagnostic testing more time and cost efficient.