Lexicor Medical Technology Inc

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The company's first product was the NeuroSearch-24 (NRS-24). Mr. Joffe's design lowered the cost of functional brain mapping systems. Additionally, the NRS-24 pioneered a new intended use for brain mapping devices; the NRS-24 allowed for "the precise, objective and consistent characterization of the spatio-spectral properties of the EEG." This was one of the first commercial applications of software in the field of Neurometrics, and with it the company pioneered the use of qualitative EEG mapping in the area of mental assessments. Prior to the advent of the NRS-24, EEG devices had been used primarily for neurological examinations. The new uses for EEG measurements that the NRS-24 created allowed professionals in psychology and other behavior therapy fields to integrate EEG devices into their practices.In the early 1990s, the company applied its technology into the area of EEG biofeedback, and was instrumental in launching the modern era of Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy. To this end, the company worked closely with pioneering clinicians in the field, including Dr. Joe Kamiya, Dr. Joel Lubar, Dr. M. Barry Sterman, and Dr. Robert Thatcher. In 1991, the company opened a Neurotherapy clinic under the medical direction of Dr. Daniel Hoffman, M.D., and Dr. Steven Stockdale, Ph.D.Between 1989 and 1999, Lexicor was primarily a medical device manufacturer, producing approximately 2,000 medical devices during that decade. In 1999, the company launched the first internet application of an EEG analysis service called DataLex. DataLex provided baseline measurements of the relationship of brain electrical activity to mental disease diagnosis; these measurements were then used in Neurotherapy and clinical reports.